Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Master Bath, Part VI

It's been almost a month since I've updated the blog on the Master bathroom progress--so here you go :)

From the bedroom door looking into the room--Dave finished removing the horrid word paneling from the house.

The junk pile grew (and was taken to the dump)

Brenda came over and helped Dave finalize the new subfloor. Dave taught her how to use the nail gun! The floor and walls are completely insulated which should dramatically increase the warmth in this room! After a successful inspection of insulation and (new) rough plumbing, David came over and helped Dave hang drywall on the ceiling. I wouldn't say that they had fun... but it was fun to watch them. David using his head to hold up the drywall I even "got" to help at one point...The sitting room area is completely drywalled now and the door is temperary in place.

Coming soon (hopefully by May 15th):

  1. Toliet useable in bathroom
  2. Taping/mudding drywall
  3. Bedroom walls cleaned, cracks fixed
  4. Walls textured in sitting room and bedroom
  5. Door installed completely
  6. Bedroom and sitting room painted

Coming in the nearer future:

  1. Drywall in bathroom
  2. Shower stall prepared

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