Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can you tell Spring Break is over?

The posts have totally stopped :)

I haven't had a great week at work, but I'm determined to see the positives. On that note, I have a few cute stories to tell you about my kiddos.

My CAHSEE students (as I've talked about before here) are a joy. A pure joy. Amazingly enough, I look forward to this period and don't really want them to leave when the period is over. They are unique individuals with great personalities, personal dreams, and a lack of self-esteem. They range from 14-17 years old, freshman through seniors.

Over the course of the past ten weeks, we're read four novels (I know this is against the rules, don't tell the novel-police), planned 40 body paragraphs, written four essays, read the newspaper front cover to back cover, and significantly improved in many areas!

Anyway, the real thing I wanted to tell you is that on the Friday before break, they participated in an egg hunt (like my 7th grade kids did last year and my 9th graders did the day before). They worked together pretty fast and had about fifteen minutes left of class.

Maggie, 11th grader, decided that we should play "heads up, seven up" and proceeded to convince all the other kids to play. Her "convincing" took about 20 seconds. They proceeded to set the rules for play (only 3 people were up, instead of 7) and play! They were so stinkin' cute. It made my day.

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  1. So, how many novels are you supposed to read in a 10 week period?

    I love that they played heads up seven up! I used to love that! Very fun. I'm glad you have such a great group.