Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye Lakeside

As I've said before, my dad is now the Senior pastor at Faith Fellowship Church in La Palma. He has been living in the RV in the church parking lot for the past two months as my mom finished the school year at El Cap and started packing up to Lakeside house. They've lived there for 23 years (moved in while my mom was pregnant with Melissa)!

One important thing for them is to get the house on the market as soon as possible in order to purchase a house in Orange Country; Melissa and I were paged to come get our "stuff" out of the house. I really only had books and Barbies left there, but Melissa has an entire bedroom.

For two days between summer school ending and yearbook camp starting, we headed down and started working.

Sometime between heading off to CBU and now, I've managed to take most of my stuff... but there were a few boxes of books up in the attic that we had to take down (thus the butt shot).
Books, books, and more books were sorted into childhood books to keep (Babysitter's club, Mandie series), classroom books to go to Arlington, books to donated to the library or Tawni's classroom. Melissa had a few thousand sentimental moments.

My sentimetal ideas consisted of 20 (yes, I did say 20) collectible Barbies.
All over the place :)

By the time we left, Melissa's bedroom was completely empty of everything but furniture!

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