Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh my, that hunch was REAL

Thursday night I could barely sleep. I keep thinking about the possibilities of pregnancy, then I'd reassure myself that it couldn't really happen and I shouldn't be getting excited and the cycle would repeat itself. DH got up and went to work early (it was the big day of job continuation); I got up at 6:55 am and immediately went to the bathroom. I peed into a cup and quickly jumped into the car and drove to CVS to get a pregnancy test.

I dipped the test into the cup and set it down in the half-done closet. Within one minute it was incredibly clear that there was a plus sign on the little screen. OH MY! Called kaiser to get an appointment to confirm and was told that I didn't need an appointment instead just walk into the ObGyn Nurse Clinic. Thirty minutes later, it was confirmed with another urine test--I am PREGNANT!

Between the shock of "we're going to have a baby" to the repetitive thought of "holy cow, this was suppose to take a year" to the slight panic of motherhood, I tried to go and get things "done" for the cruise. My entire day was consumed with the cycle of these thoughts.

And of course, my hunch was right and I should have let the Ob "confirm my pregnancy" when I was there in Fontana last week. The first day of my last period was June 15, 2010 so that puts my estimate due date at March 22. I highly doubt that that would be accurate considering the length of my period cycle with PCOS.

Our first real appointment is August 17.

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