Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Bright and early on Christmas morning, we opened presents as a family (early so Melissa could go back to sleep to prepare to work Christmas night).
Santa's letter
The stockings are hung and filled by SantaMy parents were excited about their Grandma and Grandpa stockingsReese bought Melissa a blond nurse badgeOne of my five pairs of PJs
(it was pretty obvious that I wanted/need maternity PJs)Baby Andrew got some pretty cool things too--onie and Fisher Price Nativity from Aunt Melissa
Mom and Melissa both got new CAMERAS! As you can tell from mom's face, this was really, really exciting. Mom's is pink and Melissa's is blue.
Dave with one of his big boy toys--a firepit!
Mom who will be a "grandma [that] does it all" My FAVORITE gift of the day--Andrew's new bedding!!
Dave's second big boy toy--a new 22 inch monitor for his computer!

It is still pretty hard to believe that this will be the last Christmas without a little one. More times that I can count, we said "next year, there will be a nine month old" whether is was talking through Grandpa preaching on Christmas Eve, or opening presents, or driving four hours to Bakersfield to turn around and come home the next day... everything will change in a short three months!

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