Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 24 (and 2 days)

I LOOK: Pregnant! I've "popped" within the last two weeks. Sitting, standing, walking, there is no denying that there is a happy baby boy growing in there! I am carrying the baby pretty high as evident from the high belly and confirmed by Dr. Jebelli on Monday. My hair has been changing pretty rapidly over the past few weeks as well. It isn't falling out anymore, but the individual strands seem to be thinner and the fly aways are going crazy.

  • Total Weight Gain: +24 lbs. The Thanksgiving weight gain never balanced itself out and the cookies I made the day before my appointment didn't help. The weight is 100% in my stomach.
  • Maternity Clothes: 100% everything. I LOVE maternity jeans!

I FEEL: Great! After last Monday's trip to L&D, I've slowed down... made myself sit a lot more and drank more water. It's paid off without anymore contractions! This is a wonderful time of the year to have a lot of energy--there is a lot to do!

  • Baby Movement: Active baby boy here! His kicks have gotten more intense and usually located on my right side. I can tell he's still flipping around because the kicks range from really low in the pubic region to pretty high above my belly button.
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptom: On Friday at the Barona Ranch All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, I couldn't eat anything and felt extremely nauseous and light headed because of the smell. The combo of the Chinese, steak, sushi, and Mexican was enough to make me waste the $16 we paid to walk in the door. I did enjoy my sugar free, fat free strawberry ice cream on the way out... and I kid you not, the moment I was outside, I felt FINE!

I CRAVE: normal food? Haven't had many cravings food wise. I am craving attention when I want it (and alone time when I want it).

I THINK: The next few weeks will be exciting as my body keeps changing and the baby is getting bigger. I'm a bit scared of the reality of how much we have to get done with the house, the baby stuff, and work before the baby is here. It seems like I just found out I was pregnant and now we only have 15ish weeks left... I think we better get busy working at the Pfeffer house.

I HOPE/I'M EXCITED: for Christmas time with family and friends! I'm looking forward to spending a few relaxing days at home during my break. Selfishly, I'd really like for Dave and I to agree to a name for our baby boy so I can start referring to him by name.

DOCs SAY: I've gained too much weight and if I continue gaining, I'll have to see a nutritionist. I almost laughed out loud when he said this considering with three years of Weight Watchers under my belt, I'm pretty darn informed about weight loss and nutrition. I asked if this meant that I'd get to go and meet with the nutritionist for support once a week, he said no. From my perspective, there is no point then... obviously the reason I was successful at WW and am not being successful now is because of the lack of weekly/constant support. I am not eating junk and I am still following my WW eating pretty closely. Oh well, this part make me a combination of sad/mad/angry.

On a happier note, he did go over all the blood tests and the ultrasound from weeks ago and everything is normal with the baby. The risk of down syndrome is a 1 out of 100,000 (he said he's never seen it that low). My first and second glucose test were normal (next one is next week) so my PCOS doesn't seem to be effecting my pregnancy in this form. My uterus is measuring big (25-26 weeks) and high, which could indicate that my due date is slightly off OR that I have a short torso (which is probably the case, because duh, have you seen my torso). He rechecked my cervix just in case and I'm still "long and closed" with no evident dilation (thank God!). Baby's heart rate was 141.


  1. Jennifer!
    You are too cute with your little outline here! I love it! I'm glad things are going so well!
    I went to see the nutritionist at the beginning, and all she did was tell me what I could and couldn't eat, and showed me little plastic portion sizes of food. She did say if I gained too much the doc would make me go see her again (I was so worried that I might so I made a scared noise), and she said it's no big deal, she'll just ask how I'm eating, etc.
    I'm happy for your test results, I just took my first blood test for that last week. I hope mine comes out fine as well, which I'm sure it will.
    I hope things continue to progress well. You & Dave will be wonderful parents!

  2. yay! You look so cute and I am glad things are going well! Yay for baby!