Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

With the Lakeside house selling (closing escrow on Dec. 22) and my parent's new house in Lakewood not unpacked, Christmas was held at our house for the first time in five Christmases. My parents drove out on the 23rd with the RV so that they had their "bed" and the festivities began.

On Christmas even we started the day by making and decorating sugar cookies.

Afterwards, we all went to see Disney's Tangled (yes, even Dave and Dad). It was adorable! When we got home, my mom, Melissa and I made a gingerbread house with the Target kit.
It started out pretty well. The walls and roof went up easily.
The roof was pretty easy, along with the basic stuff on the sides. You couldn't get a small, or detailed, line with the provided frosting bag, so it started to look a bit messy. Melissa decided that she needed curtains in the windows... this is where the murderous scene began...
Quickly we had a full murder on our hands.
The weapon... the candy cane (see the "blood" oozing everywhere), the crime took place inside the house with Santa climbing out the windows and stumbling along the path...
who says we can't be a "boy" family
After cleaning up the murder, we headed to Magnolia Baptist to celebrate the real reason for the season--JESUS!
After church, we came home and ate yummy pot roast and drank apple cider.
And opened three presents each--most of which consisted of PJs! Here are the adorable matching PJs that my mom bought for baby and daddy.

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