Monday, August 8, 2011

After the reunion

We got to play together!

The four of us stayed at the Holiday Inn Hacienda Heights in Old Town, San Diego on Friday night after the reunion.  It was our anniversary as well, so Dave and I enjoyed an Andrew-less night (well sort of, I talked about him most of the time and counted the hours until I could come home) and slept in until 7ish.  After breakfast at the hotel, we walked around Old Town.  As a kid, we use to take a field trip to OT at least once a year, so nothing is new there; however, I love walking around the little museums and the candy shop is always a hit.

the teacher in the school house

After Old Town, we headed to Mission Bay to meet up with a few friends who did not go to the reunion.  After an hour, we headed to lunch at Tio Leo's to meet up with Justin (and Family) and David.  Justin's daughter, Allie, is adorable and was fun to play with while we ate. 
Our 27 hours away from Andrew is our last mini-vaction before going back to work in the upcoming weeks.

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