Saturday, August 13, 2011

A boy and his dog

We're working on a great relationship here friends.  Andrew and Reese share mommy and this past week or so, they have starting sharing each other.  Reese enjoys licking Andrew and Andrew now pets, pulls, and laughs at Reese whenever she is close enough.

Here is the conversation that occurred between them and me...
"Mom, this kid can't seem to keep his spit inside his mouth, I'll clean it up for you," Reese, the ever present helper said while Andrew grabs at his ears and whiskers. 

"Mom, this game is old, I'm tired," yawned Reese.

"Andrew, you may be bigger than me now, but my legs are still longer than your arms.  I win," Reese smirks as she wins the pushing battle.

"Reese's tongue tickles," Andrew giggles as Reese continues to help clean up Andrew's throw up.

"If I sit here a bit more, will you pet me Mom?" Reese pleads with her eyes, "Andrew, I'm waiting for mom, you don't have to pet me too."

"This kid even has spit-up on his toes Mom!  Don't worry, I'm taking care of it for you."

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  1. super cute, I love the picture of Reese yawning, or whatever he's doing in the first picture!