Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of School

Today was Andrew's first day of school. 

According to his teachers, he enjoyed himself and proved that he was a big flirt.  The teachers report that he laughed, smiled, and played well all day.  He "barely" spit up for them (don't worry, he saved it all for mommy this afternoon and evening) and drank his bottles without too much distraction. 

They say that he likes the other kids and watches the older ones as they crawl around.  He took two 45-minute naps for them, making him one tired baby (he normally sleeps four hours during the day with me), so he slept a lot this evening.
Everyone asks how I did... to be honest, I think I did okay. 

Although I'm not a huge crier, I had a full on crying fest last night (poor, poor Dave) where I did all my worrying, freaking out, sadness.  I basically cried myself to sleep, but that was good.  This morning, I cried a little bit at daycare when another mom told me I was going to be okay (it was too sweet) and teared up from the daycare until I got on the freeway to drive to Norco for my training.  Many of my friends were at the training and did a good job reassuring me that Andrew was going to do great and helped me be distracted enough.  Tomorrow may be a different story, but today I kept it together.

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  1. aw, Jennifer. I'm glad you got through it okay. I hope it continues to get easier!