Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Food-Oatmeal

Andrew started eating Oatmeal on August 17.  We skipped Rice Cereal because all the things I've read about it say that it has little nutritional value; also, when we experimented with in in Andrew's bottles to see if it would decrease reflux, it caused some major constipation for the poor boy.
Andrew LOVES the oatmeal!  The first bite or two he makes a funny, yucky face but very quickly he starts leading towards the spoon with his mouth wide open.  The silly boy also comes at the spoon with his tongue sticking out. The first two or three times we ate, he spit A LOT of the oatmeal onto his bib, the Bumbo, and it was all over everything; however, he is now all about eating as much as he possibly can.
Coming at the spoon with full force

Helping mommy!

Can you tell his tongue is sticking out??

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  1. Love the eating shots. In one of the pictures Andrew's hair looks strawberry blonde and in another it looks brown. =) Just wanted to throw that out there.