Monday, September 5, 2011

First Week of School

Two weeks before Andrew started daycare and I attended trainings, buy-back days, and all school staff meetings. As I wrote about before, Andrew had a great time at daycare. He laughed, played, and did what he what other happy babies do. He struggled with napping (too much going on and too many people to play with) and took his time eating, but you'd never know that he wasn't an old pro.  He spent most of the afternoon with me asleep or eating to catch up on what he missed at school. He slept a lot all weekend to catch up on the sleep he missed while playing.

Last Monday was my first day of school.  I started the year with a downright awful attitude. Who knows if it is the seven year itch (as it relates to a career) or if it was the fact that I wasn't getting to be at home with my baby, but either way, bad attitude Jennifer was in the house.  I was extremely mad about teaching Read 180 again, mad that I was considered "the most qualified" even though no one making those decisions has ever seen me teach, and mad that the class from hell was going to descend upon me again. 

Anyway, bad attitude Jen stayed through all the week before prep, the Saturday classroom prep and even Sunday "get ready for school" stress.  After talking to Des, I decided I needed to suck it up and at least pretend to be happy and "normal." 

It's a good thing I did because I was pleasantly surprised on Monday at my students.  My Read 180 class starts the day and they were not overly rude on the first day (like they were last year) and the number of tough boys is only two.  My Media kids were eager and my Intro students were FANTASTIC.  My bad attitude was quickly replaced and by the end of the week, I actually felt like myself and I was actually EAGER for the day to start.

Andrew had another fantastic week at daycare.  He's learning to nap there and actually had three days with at least one "good" nap.  He did start rejecting his second bottle, but I'm assuming it is because he knows that I'm coming shortly (he eats it about 2:30-3 and I get there around 3:30). 

The four day week upcoming holds promise and thankfully bad attitude Jen hasn't reappeared.

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