Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inch bug

Andrew has started inching himself across the floor and I'm sure crawling is right around the corner.

His scoot is pretty darn cute.  First, he plants his feet and pushes his bum into the air and quickly plants his forehead into the floor.  Then, as he pushes his feet, he rolls up his body (sort of like the second picture) and then falls forward.  The result is moving a few inches. He repeats this pattern over and over again until he's moved several feet to a new toy, box, chair, person, etc.  He's been trying this out for the past two weeks, but he's getting A LOT faster.  Last night, he managed to get his knees bent and under him and his arms holding him up without his giant head crashing to the ground!

I have yet to really get it on video (something about that blinking light that really grabs his attention), but when I do, I'll show you.

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