Saturday, September 10, 2011


After the first few bites--he was totally unsure if this was going to be something for him. 
Andrew has mastered Oatmeal and consumes a lot of it (4-5 tablespoons if I let him), so I decided to add peas into his expanding diet.  I pre-made the peas before school started a few weeks ago, but made them too thin (for next time, I'll know less formula added) so he actually had oatmeal-pea combo.

Like pretty much everything, Andrew ate them like a champ.  He makes a face almost every single bite (because who actually likes peas?!), but continues to come at the spoon mouth wide open ready for more.

Midway through our first experience--Not too bad mom
In less than 10 minutes, Andrew consumed the full ounce (one ice cube) of peas mixed with one tablespoon of oatmeal.  The still hungry piglet then ate another two tablespoons of oatmeal!
At the end--happy pea covered baby!

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  1. I like peas! Jesse likes peas! Don't bias the kiddo against peas :) Looks like you guys are having fun with the food!