Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Months Old

Monthly photos postponed until Andrew feels better!

Developmental Milestones this Month: Andrew can do all of the following age-appropriate developmental things: everything from month four and roll over both ways, sit in a tripod stance (uses arms for support) for over a minute, stand holding on to someone's hands, work to get an out-of-reach toy, pass object from one hand to the other, and look for missing objects (mainly the dog).  He does not babble or talk very much, so we're working on repeating sounds over and over.
Physical Growth this Month: At the doctor's on Tuesday, Andrew weighed in at 17.48 lbs (gain of 1.2 from last month) and is measuring at 27.5 inches long (same as 4 months).
Things Andrew likes: My content baby is still pretty much "into" everything.  He loves people and has starting staring/smiling at strangers at church or restaurants if they smile at him.  The dog is increasingly becoming a favorite; he actually smiles at her now.  Loving the jumperoo, laying on the floor to move around, food, being tickled, his and other people's hands. At daycare, they say he LOVES a little girl name Mariah and he'll look at her, smile, then giggle.  Within the last two weeks, it has also become clear that Andrew likes to feel textures (like Mommy) and now "pets" things as he eats and plays.
Things Andrew doesn't like: still the car seat and being ignored, but we found a new one.  He HATES and screams when I put nose drops in to help suck the boogers out.  He doesn't mind the sucker (bulb syringe).
Sleeping: The first two weeks of this morning were HARD sleep wise.  Andrew wanted to wake up 2-3 times a night to play (not eat, needing a diaper, or anything useful) and would not just go back to sleep (blog here). Thankfully as quick as it started, it stopped and we're back to normal at night time.  Bedtime is between 8-8:30.  The sad for mommy good part of bedtime is also that Andrew goes to bed without any intervention other than swaddling.  He does not want to be held to calm down.  Also, on the swaddling note, we swaddle with one arm out and don't really have plans to stop swaddling.  He does not try to roll over while sleeping.  He is not napping well at daycare still, so his nap schedule is all over the place during the week, but on the weekends, he is still takes two, 2-hour naps and a short catnap.
Eating: Andrew eats 8-9 ounces every four hours during the day and still refuses the dream feed. He gets between 32-36 oz every day (only 4 more oz a day than last month), but we've now added oatmeal and peas once a day.  Next week, I plan to make it twice a day and he'll eat "breakfast" of oatmeal at daycare.  When the sleeping issues went away, so did the eating concentration issues thankfully.  We're at 1.5 ml of Zantac for the GERD, but we have a referral to see the GI specialist about the coughing/gagging that is waking up him even with the zantac.
Playing: He is all over the place while playing and enjoys moving his arms, legs, head, etc.  He loves things that make noise and can go into his mouth; if there is anything that can do both (Sophie and his crinkly lion) it is a favorite.
Diapers: Leaving size 2s this week!  We had a few nightime blowouts and started using 3s at night last week and I decided that I wasn't going to buy another box!  We used 524 size 2s.
Clothing: Clothing wise nothing has changed from month 4.  Andrew wears 3-6 month onesies and 0-3 month shorts.  I did try on a pair of 3-6 month pants in prep for "cold" weather (wishful thinking) and they are just a bit too short to look normal.  I have a feeling that we'll be skipping pants all together in this clothing size.
Firsts for this month: Eating our first solid food (oatmeal and peas), three weeks of daycare under his belt, first cold and croupy cough (followed by first Urgent Care appointment), second cold, first football game, and first bowling trip.

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