Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football Weekend

Mommy's favorite weekend of the year is here! 
Football has officially started at school and home! 
We celebrated Arlington's first home game on Thursday night (we share a stadium with three teams and have to share nights too-sucks).  It was SO hot that day that instead of being concerned about Andrew being cold, I was worried that he'd get overheated.  Thankfully it cooled off enough that we were comfortable in shorts and t-shirts.  Andrew wore his 'little dude' shirt in AHS colors and Mommy and Daddy had their lion pride yellow on.
 Andrew had a good time.  He looked around, played with some friends in front of us, and smiled at my students.  I think he was a bit overwhelmed though because his smiles were not constant, but there were no crying moments.
 We left at half-time so Andrew could be home by bedtime, but AHS won the game! 
It was fun for me to see a lot of the players that I had in class three years ago (remember when I had the entire freshman team in my Intro to Lit classes?!?)
On Thursday at the game, Andrew had a tiny runny nose, but I assume it was related to the two teeth that are trying really hard to come out.  Thursday night we had a horrible night of sleep, Friday Andrew's cough got worse, but he was still pretty happy.  Saturday, he was clearly sicker than sick.  By 7:45 last night I called Kaiser and we went (more to come), so today as the Chargers' play their season opener, Andrew was pretty excited for about five minutes.

Then he remembered he was sick and the happy baby turned into a coughing, sick baby.  He has sleep for the past two hours of the game.
It's okay little man, there will be plenty more football for you!

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  1. This cracks me up! Abby is so the same way, she'll be smiling one second, and not 2 seconds later she's stickin that bottom lip out and her whole forehead turns red! ahhahah!