Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Elementary, Day Two

Immediate thoughts after my first FULL elementary day:
  • A first grader who I met the first day came up this morning and hugged my leg; surprisingly enough, it didn't bother me.
  • Working with teachers to improve instruction using researched-based strategies really is a passion for me; it makes me giddy like a little kid.
  • I'm exhausted, more exhausted that I am after a full day of teaching, working out, and cooking dinner.
  • This whole elementary school thing is different than secondary, but not completely foreign.
  • If I had to and I spent some time learning phonics, I think I might be able to be a semi-effective administator at this level.
  • Kids make the same stupid mistakes at elementary as they do at middle and high school, like tagging gang-related stuff on their papers. They get suspended in elementary, too.
  • Mr. Shaw (my Central VP) is a kick-butt disciplinarian and I am lucky that I learned from him--came in handy with that gang tagging kiddo.
  • I'm jealous that the teachers have over 7 hours of time each week to teach the same ELA standards that I have just over 4 to teach.

I've also reaffirmed my inital thought that the teachers deserve to be paid more!

18 hours done. 32 hours to go.

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