Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A letter to the weather

Dear Rain,

I am glad you're here to give us Southern Californians some change of scenery. You've done your job; actually, you've done your job so well that you're over doing it. Now you're causing other issues--like flooding Lincoln, parts of Magnolia, and the slow lane of the 91 Freeway. You're job is complete, you can move on now.

I'm just a So Cal girl. I know more about living without water, than living with you coming from the sky for seventeen days in one month. I don't really know how to dress for your presence in my daily life. My pants are too cold, my shoes are slippery, and my "rain" jacket isn't all that stylish. Reese, my dog, really hates you. She refuses to go outside for the sake of her dainty paws, which of course, means she doesn't use the bathroom correctly. She is tired of getting in trouble; for her sake, can you move on now?

My students don't know how to deal with you either. Yes, high school is a much better environment for rain than middle school, but they still haven't understood that sweatshirts don't protect them against you. Umbrellas are unheard of, not that they are too "uncool," but that the stores only carry a few and every single store is out of stock. My students come inside really quickly because you're visiting and want to "hang out" with me at lunch while you're here. This is fine... but I sort of liked the "me" time. Can you move on now?

Again, I am grateful for the fact that you've raised our water reserve levels and you've gleefully covered my surrounding mountains with snow. I'm sure that all the brush along the 15 is happy as a clam. My backyard of dirt has loved your visit; the mushrooms, three-leaf clovers, and other assorted greenlings have taken over the dirt. Despite my gratefulness, I'd kindly ask you to move on now.



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