Thursday, February 25, 2010


Over the past five years of teaching, I have sat through several trainings (shocker, right?!) that last hours, days, and sometimes even a full week. Few have been great, some okay, and some have been torture.

This year, with a focus on educational leadership and administration, I've been focusing on the presentation styles and concepts presented, while trying to envision my future participation in future trainings (as the trainer/principal/leader/etc).

Why am I writing a blog about this? Because I've come to the conclusion that I could present, with the same (or more) effectiveness, each and every one of the "trainings" I've attended.

This is significant for a few reasons:
  • Education is poor in California, yet we still pay $1000 (or more) a day for "consultants" to conduct trainings that teachers could present to other teachers for less than $400 (we only make $36.50 an hour for extra projects, 7 hours of training, 2 hours for paid prep).
  • Teachers sit in so many trainings, yet with the "consultant" model there is no one that follows them back to their classrooms to check to make sure that it is used and follow-up questions can be offered.
  • As an administrator, I can help teachers learn effectively and save my school a lot of money.
  • I really, really enjoy applying/adapting strategies for different levels of students and content levels.
  • I should become one of these "consultants" and never worry about money again :)

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