Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remodel Update

Several people have asked me about the remodel process at home and hinted that they'd like to read more about it (oh, so nicely) on my blog. Questions like...what's new? how's it going? what's changing now? how come you're not posting anything?

For those of you who asked, I promise to get some more posts going for you...


There hasn't been a huge amount of progress in the last two because Dave is in his last quarter at ITT (woo, hoo, April 8th graduation for him!!). While this means he is almost done with school, it also means that he has a HUGE capstone project to get done. This Tuesday (March 2), he presents his project to a committee. Needless to say, he has been working non-stop on this and it has consumed most of his time.

He has been working on a little "finishing to-do" list, created to finish a lot of the little jobs around the house. He checks off one of two per week and they've been making a huge difference.

Some of the things (not really picture worthy, sorry):

  • Plaster holes repaired, textured, and repainted in guest bedroom (pink room)
  • Plaster holes repaired and repainted in kitchen after electrical issue (remember this?)
  • Trim painted Swiss Coffee in office, living room, guest bedroom, and hallway.

The picture worthy fixes will get their own posts :)

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