Saturday, February 6, 2010


In four months, I'll finish my MA in Educational Administration and have a Certificate of Eligibility for my Tier I Administrative Credential. With this degree and credential, I will have all the necessary requirements to apply for admin positions.

When teachers find out what I'm working on and my future plans, I usually get a look of disgust and depending on how blunt the person is I also get comments about "joining the dark side" and "wasting my teaching ability."

There is no short answer to tell these people about my real reasons and I always sort of feel defensive.

In class today, we had a principal guest speaker. Although he was speaking mainly about school budgets, he also presented him overview of being a principal. He made a few comments that struck a cord with me that I want to remember.
  • The title "Principal" came from the the title of "principal teacher." The principal teacher was a strong, passionate teacher at the school who was recognized by his/her peers as a leader with fellow teachers and students.
  • Administration is a calling; it is not for the weak, the one who wants to leave work at 4, or the one who is afraid to make hard (yet creative) decisions.
  • Administration is a people business and one that must be always concentrate on the kids and their needs.

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