Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Proofing

Andrew is crawling and pulling up on everything he can get to and it has become pretty clear we have some things to 'fix' to help protect Andrew from this fixer upper.  Thank goodness we have the dining (red) room done and carpeted because we try to keep Andrew in there as much as possible.

Our fireplace had a metal chain skirt and Andrew had actually started going INTO the fireplace, so this was my first "need" in the baby proofing process.  This is a metal and glass fireplace door set up.  We ordered it from Amazon (Pleasant Hearth Edinburg in gunmetal) and it arrived in two days!  It took Dave 15 minutes to install.
The second project is cabinet doors for the bottom cabinets in the kitchen.  When we moved in, most of the doors were falling off, off, or broken so instead of trying to save them (if you'd like to remember them as ugly as they were), we just took them all off and threw them away.
 Anyway, Dave has started making the doors one at a time.  The frame is built out of birch (as recommended by Dad) and the inside will be wainscotting.  Getting the frame just right took most of last Sunday, but most of them were successfully built and attached.

 While Daddy worked outside, Andrew talked to him through the sliding door.
This is what the door will look like before it is painted all white.


  1. Everything looks so nice! I bet you will actually have fires in the fireplace now :) The cabinets look awesome!! I love the photo of Andrew looking out the french doors and seeing his Daddy outside...precious! The Penny's photos turned out so cute. Love Grandma Lynette

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see the kitchen with cabinet doors :)