Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More feeding ourselves

With Andrew's two bottom teeth trying to come out so badly, he does not really want to suck on his bottle. He really, really likes the idea of feeding himself.  Although he doesn't do every well getting it into his mouth, he's a happy camper with food in front of him.
 He tried broccoli and promptly gagged and threw up; however, he wouldn't let me take it way from him!  He wanted more.
 He LOVES slightly cooked peaches and apples
(cut, peal, and cook in microwave for 15 seconds to make them soggy).

 He also likes puffs (and has learned where to find them when he isn't in his high chair) and mum-mums.  He is still eating oatmeal and purees, but increasingly he wants to do it himself.

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  1. Hi Jennifer - love the blog!! I need a whole day with my Grandson now that I am feeling better. We have parties to attend every Sat. night for the next 3 weeks and then it is Christmas here! What is a Grandma to do? Maybe during the week you are off I can come out and stay overnight.

    Love, Grandma Lynette