Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in Review

Ready for a TON of pictures?
We had a very busy day in San Diego with two full meals.  Andrew was a champ and had a grand time with all of his grandparents.
 We started with a smooth 1.5 hour drive down and a short stop at Grandma and Grandpa Pfeffer's house.  Andrew and Reese played for awhile.

 At noon, we headed over to the Buxton's house and Dave and Danny helped get the turkey into the deep fryer.
 Andrew enjoyed his own version of Thanksgiving dinner.  First, he enjoyed some chunks of sweet potatoes and tried mash potatoes (which he didn't like).

 We gave him a larger chunk of turkey for him to gnaw on and he LOVED it.  He gnawed and sucked on it and did not want me to take it away.

 After dinner, Andrew played with Grandma and crawled around to work off his meal.

 After our time at the Buxton's we went back to the Pfeffer's for our dinner Thanksgiving meal.  Andrew was ready to eat again (much more than mommy and daddy).
 More turkey!
 He actually managed to eat some of it this time!  He also added pieces of corn to his daily food intake.
 Andrew crashed for the night about 8:45 and mommy and daddy followed immediately!
Also, Andrew made turkey-hands for his teachers at school and his grandparents.  I got the idea from a fellow April mommy, Ashlee.

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