Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Day

Last week was SO crazy that I put up pictures without any write-up or explanation, so I'm back :)
On Saturday night, we went to the church around the corner's Trunk or Treat with Desiree, Larissa, and Audrey.  Andrew rode around in the carrier with mommy.  The eight pieces of candy that Andrew was given were eaten by Daddy before we left.
On Sunday, our friends came over for pumpkin carving and carmeal apple making.  As mommy got ready for the party, Andrew played.  Mommy tried on Reese's bumble bee costume to see if it would fit Andrew--it did, he thought it was funny. More pictures of the party to come.
On Monday, Andrew wore his Halloween activity to school and his pumpkin PJs to bed.  Around 5 pm, we put Andrew into his dragon and visited Noma and Beverly (our two elderly neighbors) to show off his cuteness.  Andrew enjoyed crawling around in Bev's very white living room. After our short visit, we came home for our normal evening routine.  We didn't have very many trick-or-treaters, but it was fun for Andrew to "pass out" candy once.  We turned off the lights at 8 pm and went to bed :)


  1. How cute! That's such a great bee costume!

  2. What about Reese in Reese's bumblebee costume?