Monday, November 14, 2011

Random List of Confessions

  1. Andrew started saying Mamamamama and Dadadadadada this week.  I'm not sure that he means anything by it, but it is clearly a different set of sounds than his normal 'talking.' I want him to keep doing it.
  2. I'm 65% done with Christmas shopping.  In less than 8 days from now, I plan to be 100% done.
  3. Five days of teaching are in store for me this week, then a week off.  Thanksgiving break can't get here fast enough.
  4. I have really good students this year and I should feel lucky, but I don't. Seven year burnout?
  5. Andrew is really clingy to me in the afternoon/evenings after work and some days I enjoy it.
  6. I can't remember the last time I cooked dinner.
  7. Andrew is sick again (runny nose and cough); a huge part of me feels like it is my fault for not being able to provide him breast milk and having to put him into daycare. 
  8. Somehow people at work think that I am so sweet and nice, but they have no idea the mean things I say into my head.
  9. On Friday (Veterans Day), I had the day off and sent Andrew to daycare in the morning to be productive at home.  I did manage to work on the Arlington website, but I also watched four hours of TV on the DVR in my pjs.
  10. I was basically told that I wasn't going to be teaching Yearbook at AHS anytime soon and it makes me really, really mad.

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