Monday, December 19, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!
Dave chose to go to Bass Pro Shop for his birthday celebration.  The coolest part of this choice is the totally free Winter Wonderland set up.  They had Santa photos, a carousal, video games, quad rides, coloring, and crafts for the kids.  It was a bit nuts and Andrew was on overload (thus the limited smiles), but he totally enjoyed looking at everything.

 He spent most of the time on the carousal looking up at the lights, but cannot miss the fact that he was riding a reindeer!

 Grandma and Grandpa Bennett joined us for our Santa visit.
 Andrew seemed pretty indifferent to this giant guy (although he looks sort of tortured in this picture).
 At dinner (we ate there too), Andrew enjoyed steamed veggies, puff, and a whole lot of attention!
 Our seating situation made it a bit tight and I failed at the picture taking.  Thank you for everyone who came (Bennetts, Melissa, Desiree, Gregory Family, Travis, Webster Family, and Diaz Family!)

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