Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day at Home: Recap 3 of 5

Andrew woke up nice and early on Christmas morning, "excited" to play with mommy and daddy.  Instead of waiting, we started the present opening at 5:30 am.  We started with our stockings!
We let Andrew explore the presents a bit while Mommy and Daddy opened their stockings.
Exploring turned into smashing into the presents and tree--opps.
We opened our presents to each other.  Dave's main present was already opened and used (his XBox 360), but he also opened socks, undershirts, a new wallet, and a photo mouse pad and a frame to take to work.
I opened a new blow-driver, a Brighton Mom keychain, and a Kindle Touch! 
Andrew received a tool rattle set and a star shape stacker from Mommy and Daddy.  In his stocking, he had puffs, wagon wheels, a new bib, and a book.
Santa brought Andrew a giant container of foam, stacking blocks.
After opening presents, I made everyone French toast.  Andrew enjoyed his 1/2 slice.
After breakfast, Andrew played with his new toys as mommy cleaned up and Daddy went back to sleep.  Awhile later, Andrew crashed for his morning nap (7 am) and Mommy got read for church.

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