Thursday, December 15, 2011


 A lot of the April mommies have been taking ADORABLE pictures with their kiddos and Christmas lights, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I know how to work the "fancy" camera, I understand lighting, I have a cute kid, Dave set up our 'studio,' I got Andrew in his santa pants and hat...
What I didn't take into consideration is that my child WILL NOT hold still or stop moving.  I tried singing, dancing, holding him down, and everything else I could think of to get him to be in one spot.  Dave tried, we moved the lights so he could hold them... nothing.  Out of 513 shots, the top two are the only ones that I liked enough to share.
 One attempt to get him to sit still was the dancing/singing reindeer. 
While it did make him sit still, he gave it dirty looks the entire time it was making noise and when it stopped, he tried to kiss and lick it and "yelled" at us until it started again.
Yes Mom, I realize you want me to smile and be my cute self, but I don't feel like it.

The escape artist plotting his next move and the mean mommy that is trying to get him to sit still.


  1. Jennifer - these are the one when he is talking to the reindeer. Now you can appreciate all those photos you see knowing how hard it was to "capture the moment". 513 photos...must have taken a long time! I am so happy to see that he "looks" healthy and well. Love Grandma

  2. The pictures you put up came out real good and I agree with your mom. It looks like Andrew is having a starring showdown with the reindeer, super cute picture.