Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've tried not to whine about Andrew being sick on the blog and try only to mention it in his monthly updates, but it is seriously the most time consuming part of our lives.  I can't go places without getting dirty/concerned looks as Andrew coughs up a lung.  We haven't been to church since early October, but no church nursey will let him him.  In December, Andrew only attended 6 days of school (each of those days ended up costing $102.35 because you still pay for sick days).

I feel like by not writing about it, I am keeping it a secret, which isn't the intention.  He's one sick baby and I'm one frustrated/tired/scared mommy.  When one thing goes away, another thing takes its space. 

Our pediatrician clearly knows us, but the receptionist and CNAs in the pediatric area and the pharmacy techs at Kaiser also know us (for those you of you don't have/never been to Kaiser, this is a HUGE deal because they probably see 5,000 people a day).  They know our names, our illnesses, Andrew's happy personality, his normal temperature and oxygen levels, etc.

As sick as he is, he is still usually pretty happy during the day.  He turns into a giant MESS at night.  Coughing, crying, screaming, coughing, throwing up, coughing, crying, screaming, coughing... you get the point.  Our happy sleeper isn't a sleeper.  You can tell he wants to sleep; sometimes he cries with his eyes squeezed shut. He wants to be held, yet his won't hold still.  He needs to be sitting/propped up, but he won't stay there and heaven forbid you strap him into something to keep him propped up.

We've tried everything everyone has suggested.  I've cried.  I've cried a lot.  I've screamed and yelled.  I've been a holy terror to Dave.  I've gone to work with no patience and yelled at my students when they only kind of deserved it. 

The worst part?!?  There really is no end in sight.  Every time we go to the doctors or he starts a new medicine, I have a small hope that this will be the 'one' to make a change.  It's hard to have that hope still.

His rundown of diagnoses from the many doctor's visits:
Aug. 27: Croup (prednisolone, round 1)
Sept. 6: GERD re-evaluation (upped Zantac)
Sept 10: Bronchiolitis (Albuterol breathing treatments start)
Sept. 19: Bronchiolitis, Croup, Sinus Infection (prednisoline, round 2 and amoxicillin)
Oct. 13: Broncholitis (albuterol continues)
Oct. 17: Broncholitis with wheezing (prednisoline, round 3 and more albuterol)
Nov. 9-Nov. 22: Home treating Broncholitis and wheezing (more albuterol)
Nov. 22: Pedi confirms Broncholitis still going on
Dec. 2: STILL broncholitis, Asthma discussed (Flovent inhaler added to albuterol)
Dec. 7: Pneumonia, Asthma (prednisoline, round 4, Cefdinir-antibiotic, continuing Flovent and albuterol)
Dec. 21: Ear Infection and possible Whooping Cough, waiting for test results (Augmentin for his ear and Zithromax for Whooping Cough)

Also, we've spent $305 on Kaiser co-pays and over $400 in prescription co-pays.  Thank goodness, we have excellent coverage!

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  1. This makes me so sad. I wish I could help take away his sickies. Seriously, you're always welcome to call if you need to talk about it. I can't guarantee I'll always be available, but I'll do my best. Love you all.