Saturday, January 7, 2012

Andrew's First Haircut

Today we took Andrew to Monkey Dooz for his first haircut.  His cute little hair curled all around his ears and make quite a rats nest in the back and he wiggles around on the floor or in his crib, but mainly the stinkin' little curls drove me nuts and I wanted a "real" haircut to be his first cut.
The place itself was really cute.  It was a jungle safari and he got to 'ride' in a Jeep while his hair was cut from the stylist, Sienna.

She showed him the clippers and let him feel them vibrate before she used them on him.  He didn't seem to care and was very interested in climbing up the chair.
 He let her cut his hair without much of an issue.
 To wet his hair, she sprayed the bottle up and let the water land on on his hair, face, and tongue.  This was his favorite part of the entire experience.

Handsome boy practicing his cheesy smile!


  1. oh my gosh, i love this. It's so stinkin adorable! I love that he was sticking his tongue out to catch the mist. That's great!

  2. Love Monkey Dooz! We've taken our grandson a couple of times. They do a great job! Happy to see Andrew well!

  3. did so great with your first haircut! The jeep is just so manly and of course, the driver is the cute part! No tears with this big boy! Love you! Grandma Lynette