Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Want to join me?

I have had several people ask if and how they could join me on my 5K journey in 2012, so here are the "races" that I'm planning on doing, the link to read more about it, and registration (if available).

1. Citrus Heritage 5K, Jan. 7
2. Riverside Raincross 5K, February 25
  • Information and registration: http://www.riversideca.gov/park_rec/
  • To register, click on the 'Online Registration' link of the far left of this webpage.
  • It is $20 until February 4th and then goes up to $25.
  • I've heard they have a pretty cool goodie bag.
3. Color Run-Southern California (Irvine), April 22
  • Information: http://thecolorrun.com/socal/
  • We need a team of 4 for it to be $30 a person, or else it is $35
  • Let me know ASAP if you want to do this one (registration before 1/15 is cheaper)
4. OC Wahoo 5K, May 6

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jennifer - There are two of these on Sundays so your parents won't be joining you :)

    Have fun training!!

    Love MOM