Saturday, January 7, 2012

Citrus Heritage Run 5K

My first 5K of the year was this morning. 

I was excited and slept strangely as I kept dreaming of the walk.  I set out with the goal of 50 minutes (16 min/mile) and readjusted it to 55 minutes (17.7 min/mile) because that seemed more realistic.
Brenda and I before the 5K started.
The race started with a huge uphill climb that I wasn't expecting and wasn't very good at... let's just say that right off the bat I thought I may actually have been too cocky to think that I could do a 5K after spending a year and a half doing nothing.  Thankfully before the race, Brenda had introduced me to some of her friends from the Riverside Roadrunners.  I could not keep up with Brenda and Andrea, but Becky was there for me!  My new friend and I worked hard and finished at 57 minutes and 37 seconds (18.05 min/mile--although it was a very SLOW first mile, faster second mile, and a very fast third mile).
Becky, my new friend, and me after finishing!
Considering this is my first 5K of the year and I plan on doing at least four more, I now have a baseline number.  I'd hope that I could beat this time next time (Feb. 25th--Raincross 5K at Fairmont).  I also know that I should actually practice some more before I expect that my 40 pound heavier body can perform a physical task it hasn't been asked to do in over a year.


  1. you did great! Congrats. My aunt used to be a part of the roadrunners. I think they had a split or something a while back, and now she's a part of the loma linda something or others. They wear pink is all i know. hahaha. I think they were there this morning too, because she was posting pictures of a race as well. Glad you had fun!

  2. Congrats Jennifer...setting a goal and doing it!! Now that is a New Year's resolution!! I am so glad you want to enjoy life and get outside and have fun :) I could do the next one with you. Let me know when and where so I can match your speed. Love MOM

  3. Way to go! Sounds like fun. I wish I was down there to do one of these with you!