Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Swingin' with Aunt Melissa


  1. So jealous! Wish I could have been there!!

    Love Grandma

  2. Jennifer,

    I found your blog when I was googling what to pack for my hospital bag 9 months ago. (Very helpful post, thank you!) I had my son on April 30th and have occasionally checked back here to see your beautiful family!

    I just wanted to say I am so sorry your little guy is dealing with sicky issues. It is the worst. My guy has had his share of colds and a sinus infection since starting daycare, and that was horrible enough. I can't imagine how rough it is on you and your family, not to mention the little one going through what you are. :(

    He is just adorable and I am keeping him and your family in my thoughts and prayers!