Sunday, January 8, 2012

Playing with Audrey

On Saturday, we visited Des' finished (beautiful) house and Andrew got to spend some time playing with Audrey (Des' niece).  She was very into 'Baby Andrew' and shared her toys, tried to pick him up, and hugged and kissed him!  The above picture is probably the funniest picture I have EVER seen.  She did not even realize that he was licking her.

Andrew played with her big girl toys too.  This little motorized quad was fun for Andrew and Daddy, even though when Andrew figured out how to push the button and go it scared Daddy a bit.
The real fun of the afternoon was riding in Audrey's new Barbie Jeep.  She begged to give him a ride, so we strapped him in and Dave stayed very close.  He loved every second of it!  She really wanted him to drive too, so we tried that... he thought that was even better.

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