Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

New Years Eve was pretty laid back at the Pfeffer house.  The beautiful weather allowed us to hang out outside for awhile.  Dave put up Andrew's Little Tykes swing on the front porch as we watched.  I realized a bit too late that Andrew was overdressed.  Inside our house it is a pleasant 68-70 degrees and the long sleeves are okay.  I didn't realize that by 10 am (when the swing was going up) it would be 80 degrees outside.
 Andrew LOVED swinging! After about fifteen minutes we came inside with a sweaty, red-cheeked little boy.  He now looks at the front door like he knows what it out there for later.
 After naps for Andrew and Dave, we headed over the the Webster's house to to hang out and celebrate 2011.  Andrew and Nate played, ate (a lot), and watched Dave play swords with Sammy. 
 The spatula is the sword, the seat cushions were the shield, and Sammy even found his knight helmet somewhere.  He tried to play with me, but I wasn't nearly as fun ad Dave.
 Tawni made yummy food for us (taco soup with ALL the toppings, yummy!).

At this point, I stopped talking pictures (opps).  We ate more, talked more, and played Seven Wonders.  It was a new game for me and I didn't quite understand what was going on until the end of the game; I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot more the next time. 

We celebrated the New Year with New York at 9 pm and came home to go night-night!  They actually managed to stay up the whole time with the other friends that aren't "old" like me ;)

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