Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's been awhile...

but school is over (technically--I'm still working Monday).

The past three weeks have been a nightmare at school; the students were nightmares, the assignments needing grading piled up, the administrative requirements came so fast that I couldn't maintain consistency with anything, and then the kicker was that I had to move classrooms with three days' notice.  I was out Monday (for a fun trip to San Diego--blog to come), got the phone call late on Monday afternoon. Tuesday was the last "real" day of school and was filled 100%. Wednesday-Friday were finals and everything had to be graded, submitted, and exported by 4 pm on Friday.  Needless to say, I had pretty much figured how my week would go and had my "plans" in place to be ready to start summer.  Un-decorating and packing a classroom wasn't on my agenda.

In the grand scheme of things, the classroom move will be a convenient thing, but right now, it's a giant pain in the butt.  I have way too much stuff that I cannot get rid of (and some I can and did).  Unlike most high school teachers, my classroom is actually decorated with bulletin boards, borders, posters, etc.  Anyway... I had twelve students help me take everything down, pack up a few things that will actually go in boxes, and carry the class set of textbooks, dictionaries, interactive readers, and workbooks into my new classroom.

The new classroom is much closer to the Media Arts computer lab (where I travel to teach my Media Arts elective class).  It is a portable; the air is controlled individually, there are no noisy neighbors (a current problem), and it is really close to the bathroom.  The teacher leaving that rooms reports that it is a "hidden gem."  Once everything is moved and redecorated, everything will be fine and dandy.  But, for now, it made for a really, really hectic week.

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