Thursday, June 28, 2012

Portland, Day 4, Part I (Seattle)

Antibiotics for Dave, MucinexD for Melissa, sleep for Andrew, and sheer determination from me started our fourth day off bright and early with a plan!  We packed out bags, loaded the car, checked out, and left the car at the hotel for a short walk to Pike's Place!
 Andrew's obsession with grapes helped make the walk quick!

 A quick picture with Rachel, the Pike's Place mascot, started our tour of this inside/outside multi-tier marketplace.  Below is a picture of the building for our cruise (more coming later).
 We took in the sites, smells, and hustle and bustle of all the people.  It was a good thing we were there early; there is no way the stroller would have worked well if it was super crowded.

 We headed over to the very first Starbucks Coffee!

 Andrew doesn't quite understand the point of "coffee" (hehe), but he knows it is for his mouth.

Coming up in part two: Aquarium, Harbor Cruise, and Red Robin for dinner!

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