Sunday, June 24, 2012

Portland, Day 2

 On Thursday, our first full day, Aunt Nicole was our tour guide.  We started by driving to Mt. Hood's famous Timberline Lodge.  Thankfully Andrew slept the entire drive.
 We bundled up for the snow! 

The lodge was pretty darn cool; the multiple levels proved interesting with the stroller, but the magnificent views of the snow, mountains, and skiers made up for it.
 We ate inside on the third floor--the coolest part was that it was a circle restaurant.  The inside part (to my right in the picture) was open to the floor and giant fireplace and the outside of the restaurant was the snow!  Super cool.  Andrew enjoyed watching people and waving to the guy below.
 After lunch we took Andrew to play in the snow.  We didn't quite know what to think of it at first, but when Aunt Nicole showed him how to move it around with his hands, he started having fun.

 After "sliding" down a hill (made by Daddy) and soaking his pants through, Andrew was done with the cold white stuff he'd never seen before.  Taking a family picture wasn't on the top of his priority list.

 After the last picture, Andrew and I went into the lodge and changed his clothes and Aunt Nicole and Daddy explored for awhile.  We left and hit of Government Camp (which was a bit of a disappointment because there was nothing there) for drinks and candy. 

Andrew fell asleep again and Nicole took up on the beautiful scenic drive to Dave's waterfalls.  On the way, we stopped at the Vista House.  Sitting on the very top of the hill, it was a great way to see the beautiful views of the river.  Andrew was asleep and missed it all while he snoozed in the car.
 both sides
 Along the drive, we stopped at six waterfalls, but the "big" one that we woke the baby up for (see that cranky face?!) was the Multnomah Falls.  It could have been in Hawaii!

 Above is up at the bottom of the falls. 
We went up to the bridge that you see and walked across too.
Below is us at the base of the first waterfall.  Andrew kept pointing and saying "wooaahhh;" I'm assuming he was thinking, 'how do I get into that water?!'

 After almost seven hours in the car, we stopped at the Camas McDonalds to let Andrew play.  The child was in heaven with the HUGE inside play structure.  We took turns following him up and down (although he probably would have been fine by himself).  Dave got attacked by four five year olds (literally, hitting, pulling his socks off, climbing on him) when he was up there. 
Aunt Nicole took Andrew down the slide!

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