Saturday, June 23, 2012

Portland Trip, Day 1

 We headed out to Portland, Oregon last Wednesday (June 13th) to visit Nicole and Jesse!
 Andrew's first plane ride was fantastic.  He busied himself by looking out the window, pointing at the seat back tv, eating grapes and crackers, and walking back and forth to the bathroom twice.  The only tears happened at "decent" when he was forced to sit on our laps again and he was tired.  The tears lasted less than a minute because he fell asleep and slept until he was getting into his stroller at the gate (his trip home was pretty much exactly the same).
 We flew JetBlue out of Long Beach.  The tiny airport was nice and it was even better that it was less than ten minutes from my parents (where we stayed the night).
 After we got into Portland and got everything loaded into the rental car, we drove to see Aunt Nicole at her work.  We ate lunch at the food trucks (just like the movies).  She gave us a tour of her research labs, offices, and then took us on a "tram" from the bottom to the top of the mountain (picture the old San Diego Zoo air buckets).
 Andrew thought the round trip on the tram was pretty cool.
 The view from almost the top.  The tiny building directly in the middle of the picture is where we "landed" and where Aunt Nicole works (OHSU).
 Andrew practiced his "woahh" during the ride.
 While Nicole finished up at work, we headed to their house where we invaded.  Seriously, we took up more room then all of their stuff combined.  Andrew learned how much he really, really LOVES stairs in the few short minutes we were there.  We made a trip to Super Walmart to get some food items and then headed to McMenamins on the Columbia. 

This cool restaurant was right on the water and had great atmostsphere.  Jesse's parents joined us and Larry and Andrew was the entertainment of the night.  Donna, Jesse's mom, enjoyed some baby time as she chased him all over.
 Andrew thought the day was so much fun that he stayed up until almost 10 pm without a single fussy moment!

Day two coming to a blog near you soon... snow and waterfalls galore!

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