Saturday, June 30, 2012

Portland, Day 6

 Day 6 was our only real day in Portland.  We started at Powell's Books.  The place is huge and could have been a great way to spend a few hours if I was alone.  Instead, we went to the kids sections and Andrew quickly picked/pointed to a dog book.  We read some books and looked around, it was pretty nifty.
 Stop two was Voodoo Doughnuts!
 We only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes (which I've been told is fantastic).
 The donuts at this shop are nothing like a normal shop!  You can get a bubble gum donut, orangecile, Oreo and cream, fruit loop, maple bacon bar, etc.
 We thought we all needed two donuts, so we got the Voodoo Dozen
(they pick which of the creations we get).
 Melissa started with the Butterfinger donut. 
Andrew tasted it...
 Dave started with the safe maple bar.
 I had the Voodoo cream donut which was to die for, even Andrew agreed!  He loved the cream.
We all quickly realized that we could only eat one so we had a lot of creative left overs...
 After walking around in downtown Portland and eating a a small bagel bakery, we headed over to Washington Park.  Andrew and I met the April Bumpies at the Portland Children's Museum.
 We started in the Infant area and the tiny river was Andrew's favorite.  It was cool enough to get him completely 100% soaked (shirt, pants, socks, diaper).
 Andrew and Jack (in the green)
 we went into the water room next
Andrew was already soaking wet, so I let him go for it. 
Andrew + Water = the best thing ever!
 Next up--the construction room--all the kids played together pretty well.  Jack, Edmond (red/blue stripe), and Andrew made music with some PVC pipe and shims.
A quick clothing change and we were off to play in the grocery store, deli, veterinarian clinic, volcano, camp ground, tree house, and stairs.  Our five one year olds were busy, but it was great to meet four mommies that I've "known" via the Internet for almost two full years. 
These kiddos are all within three weeks of each other! 
Andrew, Jack, Jack, Josephine, Edmond
 Andrew and Mommy!
While we were at the Children's Museum, Melissa and Dave went to the Portland Zoo.

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