Thursday, June 28, 2012

Portland, Day 3 (Seattle)

Our third day on Vacation should really be labeled 'Washington.'  We didn't go to Oregon at all :)  The original plan was to get up early and head to Seattle for a full day of sightseeing there, but after having a high fever all night long, Dave went to Urgent Care at 9:30 am instead of leaving.  We ended up leaving Vancouver about noon.  Thankfully Andrew slept almost the entire drive because we were all a bit cranky that plans didn't go as planned and Dave was super sick with either strep or some form of pneumonia.  Melissa also had a pretty nasty head cold and I have the blisters of Hand, Foot, and Mouth on my toes and finger tips.

Anyway, we started at Seattle Center and the Space Needle.  We parked in the parking log right next to the center and were expecting to pay $12 for three hours, but a very nice man gave Melissa his ticket for the rest of the day ($22).
 Andrew was glad to be out of the car!
 We weren't willing to pay the $19 per person to go up the Space Needle, but we did enjoy walking around the park, looking at the sculptures, and walking through the Armory.

Dave spent a lot of time on his cell phone talking to the doctor in Vancouver, the pharmacy in Seattle, and the different insurances (although they were all Kaiser affiliated, they didn't talk to each other or So California Kaiser).
 There was a really pretty flower garden that we enjoyed.

 After about two hours, we sent Dave on a mission to find the pharmacy for his antibiotics and we rode the Monorail to the area of our hotel.

 The short ride was fun.  After getting off we talked around the mall, up and down some of the streets around the hotel and Andrew fell asleep in his stroller.  We checked into our hotel (beautiful Sheridan in downtown Seattle) and decompressed.  We walked across the street to Cheesecake Factory for dinner; Andrew flirted with everyone, but managed to throw an entire piece of pizza across the restaurant.

On the way back from dinner, there was a street musician playing drums with buckets, wine bottles, and hard alcohol bottles.  Andrew seriously thought this was the best thing ever.  He was walking (no stroller) and started dancing when he heard it.  We ended up standing there for almost 15 minutes as Andrew danced (aka: head bob, stomping feet, the body wave, circle steps, etc); the drummer, Forest, realized that Andrew was into him so he was playing for me.  Anytime Andrew would start to lose interest, Forest would change it up to bring his attention back to him.  Every time someone walked by they would point at Andrew and copy his movements; looking around, I realized that there were people on the other street corners watching him too.  Forest earned a pretty penny that night.

And... Andrew slept in a cage.

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