Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Master Bath, Part IV

Because most of the other little projects are done around the house, Dave is now re-starting the master bathroom project. Cecilio and his wonderful team helped us move out the exterior wall, Dave got all the new electrical and plumbing done, and then it sat untouched for six months.

With time and a bit of cash, we're ready to start the next stage of this project.

Step 1: Finish demo and assess water damage to finish all structural repairs. David Lamberth comes over to help. Thanks, man!
The double sinks are gone from the place that will someday become a huge closet! No water damage found (thank God!).
The old shower pan and surround comes out. Yes, what you're looking at is the old shower with massive water damage under the fiberglass bottom.
The subfloor obviously had some damage, but the walls looked pretty good. The moment of truth came when Dave lifted the subfloor up and out...
And, fourtent for us, there is no water damage or rot on the floor joists!
Step 2: Plan to put the floor and walls back together structurally, make it warm, and stay within our $1500 budget.
More to come

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