Sunday, March 21, 2010

Master Bath, Part V

The bathroom is moving forward!
We have insulation added into most of the walls and ceiling; as I write this, I can hear the staple gun making contact with studs as the final pieces are attached.
Trying to make the bathroom structure as strong as possible, Dave has added cross braces below the toilet and shower. The wall that separated the toilet and shower was not anchored to any floor joist which caused the wobbly wall. As you can see in the picture above, Dave has disconnected the wall and will reinforce it again when the new subfloor is attached.
This wall is where the old sinks lived. Not only is the vanity and sinks gone, but Dave has eliminated/capped off all of the plumbing for these sinks.
The other issue he solved was the poorly installed window (when it came out, it was clear that this may have been the main bug entry way). In the picture above, Dave has reframed the window with wall studs to keep it structurally sound and eliminate the window. Eventually, this wall will be apart of a super stellar closet :)
Before closing up the roofline with insulation and drywall, Dave installed his fan to help keep this part of the house cooler. The HVAC has also been extended into this part of the house (thank heavens for no more freezing/blazing temps).
This is what the attic fan looks like from the roof. Yes, Dave did figure out how to do some roofing repair work. He was sure glad to be done with this part of the project!

Coming next to my bathroom... finish subfloor, finish little bit of insulation, and inspection. THEN--drywall!!

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