Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Milestone

Last night, Dave felt the baby kicking. He was patient enough to sit there with his hand on my tummy as we laid in bed and it finally paid off. At first, Baby was barely kicking (more pushing), but quickly it turned into full kicks that Dave couldn't miss. Very exciting.

We also continued the name debate--right now we're choosing between these two:

Andrew Blake
Andrew: strong, manly, and courageous
Blake: attractive and dark
Luke B____
Luke: bringer of light and truth
haven't agreed on a middle name yet, but it will start with a B
Bryant: strong, virtuous, honorable
Benjamin: son of my right hand
Any opinions?


  1. I like Andrew Blake. But certainly any name you choose is gonna be great for him :)

    Glad Dave got to feel the kicking!

  2. I like both names but I think Andrew Blake is my favorite.

    I so wish I could name a son Benjamin... however, I'm not sure he'd appreciate being Benjamin Bennett... which would turn into Ben Bennett, or Benji Bennett or Benny Bennett by others. But it's such a great strong name! I vote Benjamin!