Thursday, November 4, 2010

School System Thoughts

Whether or not anyone cares, I have pretty strong feelings about our failing school system. Most of my opinions are opposite of the "norm" or at least opposite of the teachers' unions that "speak for teachers."

Tenure is bad. Teachers are the primary reason that students fail (and more importantly succeed). Our teachers unions protect the worse teachers. Principals hands are tied. They cannot remove bad teachers. They have all the pressure and responsibility, but very little control over the worse problems that face our school.

All that said, I read this pretty fantastic blog written by a principal and superintentent ( He brings up all of my opinions and write it in such a way that it strikes a perfect cord. He's also pretty funny in a corney way.

Some of his recent blogs that are right on:
On a Reluctent Staff
Pressure for Superintentents Too
How Money won't Fix our Schools

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  1. I was thinking about the money issue with schools recently after that whole Meg debacle in California. I'm thinking that more money thrown at the school system isn't necessarily better because there is so much waste and mis-allocation. BUT - what if individuals donated to specific schools or classes or teachers? Is that possible? Would it make a difference? Is there something specific that you would do if you had more money for your classes?