Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 22

I LOOK: fatter and depending on which clothing I wear, definitely pregnant. I purposely wore the most "pregnant" shirt I wore to the airport and had lots and lots of people asking me when I was due! Nails are still kicking butt.

Picture from 21w4d on Thanksgiving.

  • Total Weight Gain: ?? I haven't weighed myself since two weeks ago and I'm not going to until I've balanced out some of the travel/Thanksgiving week. Maybe it will be a big shock two weeks from now...
  • Maternity Clothes: 100% everything, although a lot of my shirts still fit, just are a bit too short to cover the panel on the pants.
I FEEL: Sore all over from traveling and sleeping on an air mattress for a week, but overall, pretty "normal." My heating pad has helped my lower back relax. The wonderful second trimester life is here and I'm loving it.
  • Baby Movement: He moves all the time. I'm assuming that he is doing somersaults because within an hour time period I feel kicks at the top, bottom, and side of my belly. Dave was able to feel him last week and has since felt him several more times.

I CRAVE: nothing specifically; however, once I hear something someone else is having, I want that. In Oklahoma, that lead to eating a Sonic Burger, blizzard-type ice cream, and way too much Thanksgiving dessert.

I THINK: I've incredibly lucky to have had such a normal pregnancy with no issues. I feel blessed! Deciding the baby's name is the biggest "thinking" process that we've been doing over the past two weeks. Dave is really, really set on Luke--so we've been trying to come up with a B middle name that we like to go with it.

I HOPE: Christmas is here and I hope that my energy is high enough to get shopping done (first year it isn't done before Thanksgiving and it is causing a bit of stress), school finished, Christmas joy spread all around :) Selfishly, I'd like to look really pregnant by Christmas when we travel all over the place!

DOCs SAY: No doctor appointments for a few more weeks!

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  1. I love your little baby bump. You are definitely starting to look pregnant Mama :)