Saturday, November 13, 2010

Childhood Memories

On the way home from dinner with my WW buddies, I was listening to KSGN (by the way, I love this radio station) and the radio DJ asked the question, if you had to pick one childhood memory to relive, what would it be?

I started thinking... here are the ones that popped into my head immediately:
  1. Family game night with my mom, dad, and sister--we played lots of cards and board games!
  2. Christmas morning traditions of reading from Grandpa's Bible and opening presents for hours.
  3. Camping all over California in a tent, teardrop trailer, and big trailer
  4. Playing in the baptistry at church after collecting all the tiny communion cups to play with
  5. Fishing with dad and following the fish hatchery truck to the dump lake and fishing there...
  6. Reading constantly (to the point where I'd sneak it under the covers with a flashlight because I've been told to put it away several times already) in order to be "like dad."
  7. Hours of craft projects with mom for presents and just fun.

All of these came to me in less than five minutes between Arlington/Riverside Ave and my house... what childhood memories come to you immediately?

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