Thursday, November 11, 2010

MA Bedroom/Bath Update X

Some how I never managed to get a picture of the drywall going up, being taped, and sanded (maybe it was because it happened so fast because we paid a guy for the work)... but that happened... then Dave textured and we painted the room this light yellow. The pictures make it look darker than it is in "real" life. In the above picture, you can see the new window, the shower hardibacker and some of the yellow.After a few practice runs on the floor, Dave got the floor tiles arranged, cut, and cemented down (back in early October).Another trip to Ikea and an hour or so of assembly gave us our bathroom vanity cabinets. They are actually kitchen cabinets that will work perfectly for what we need. The two end cabinets will become the sink cabinets and the center is a bank of drawers. The part you done see is chilling in the red room--a 88" pantry cabinet will be on the far left side of this cabinet.
On Saturday, we started tiling the shower. It's not done yet, so here is your two tile sneak peak :)

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