Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tornado Warnings

Today is our third day in Oklahoma/Missouri. It has been a fun filled day of excitement. We slept in (thank you Lord!) and then drove to Webb City, MO.

We picked with the kids and went bowling. It was a steal at $5.00 a person cover and .25 per game. After playing a few games, we headed to Sonic for lunch and the mall for a few stops.

As we were checking out at Kohl's, Brady got a text from the fire department that there was a tornado watch issued and since then, we've had some "education" about Oklahoma weather. At church with Pauline and Ralph, we learned about the different types of clouds and which ones made thunder and lightening and which ones turned into tornados. Leaving church it was pouring buckets.For now, we sit in the warm house with the tv and radio on waiting to make sure we don't need to make it into the cellar.

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